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By drawing on the advanced experience of individual education in Europe and America, integrating the international leading educational resources, and gathering the elites and advanced authoritative management teams from Chinese and foreign educational circles, Mai Dian education's original EPI efficient learning method (one-to-one teacher guidance, 6-to-1 professional service) can rapidly improve the learning ability of primary and secondary school students, help children learn to learn self-study, realize happy and efficient learning, and rapidly improve the quality of students At the same time, it can promote the all-round development of comprehensive quality.


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Brand application


The mindedu recognition of baep is not only the use of logo, we have established a set of visual form evolution and combination, these different graphics are evolved from our logo, with our color and graphic style, let our communication style reflect more systematic and overall, but also more dynamic. In the following page, we show the evolution of graphics and the effect of using them in detail.