A bag of fruit

Delicious is the first standard for testing fruits



Since the first store in Oak Bay in 2016, a bag of fruit has entered the tide of the fresh industry. From the careful selection of every fruit to the dedicated service for members, we all strive to be meticulous. Since the first store, a bag of fruit has been adhering to a belief and strict requirements on ourselves. Delicious is the primary standard for fruit inspection. If it is not delicious, it can be returned unconditionally Through our unremitting efforts and high-quality fruit and member services, we have gained more and more members' praise and trust.

From one store to the current 20 stores, Zibo fruit fresh industry has also done a little well-known, through the accumulation of four years of customer and operation experience, a bag of fruit has become a mature chain operation team of boutique fruits, so that thousands of households can taste the freshest and best quality fruits!


We hope that the new brand application image is international, simple and full of affinity, its color and nature's fruit complement each other, can stand out in many mediocre fruit brands.

The evolution and application effect of graphics.


The brand recognition of Supermali is not only the use of logo, we have established a set of visual form evolution and combination, these different graphics are evolved from our logo, with our color and graphic style, let our communication style reflect more systematic and overall, but also more dynamic. In the following page, we show the evolution of graphics and the effect of using them in detail.