Zibo baep Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech Environmental Protection Industry Company relying on Shandong University of Technology high-tech talents, set production, learning, research integration.

The company, led by Professor Li of the Department of chemistry of Shandong University of Technology, has set up a research and development center with a production base, which provides a full range of technical consultation, technical services, process design, research, development and sales of water purifying agent products, at the same time under the sales team, technical center, Sewage Treatment Laboratory.


Brand Identity | Space Design



In the visual system, logo is the core asset of the brand, using green and blue representing environmental protection, and the overall style is modern and simple. Logo design uses the English name of the brand, which integrates the form of water drops into it, replacing the letter "a" in the English name of the brand.
The use of isomorphic design, water droplets and English combined to form a new visual form. Make the water drop in the logo design get the biggest show in the brand logo, and finally convey the most core visual effect and brand concept to the audience.

Brand application


The brand recognition of baep is not only the use of logo, we have established a set of visual form evolution and combination, these different graphics are evolved from our logo, with our color and graphic style, let our communication style reflect more systematic and overall, but also more dynamic. In the following page, we show the evolution of graphics and the effect of using them in detail.

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