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Super Mali take out hot pot - focus on fresh ingredients and hot pot theme, customized and delivered.
Based on the technology of traditional hotpot, after years of painstaking research and development, there are not only the hot Sichuan hotpot, but also the rugged northern hot pot. One pot for one person is in line with the concept of sharing meals for young people.
With the authentic bottom of the pot, fresh vegetables, delicious meat rolls and attractive seaside seafood, diners can feel the food boiling and boiling in the pan, and enjoy the comfort of entering the stomach together.


Brand Identity | Space Design



Flat, extremely simplified font design style, and can be well applied in the multimedia, Internet environment, whether the font or graphics, the first thing to achieve the purpose of clear recognition. Avoid too complex font, put the font recognition in the first place, the distance, size can clearly identify the brand name. Focus on modern, young, texture, interesting, and clever combination of modern design language.

Create a pixelation visual system.

The evolution and application effect of graphics.


The brand recognition of Supermali is not only the use of logo, we have established a set of visual form evolution and combination, these different graphics are evolved from our logo, with our color and graphic style, let our communication style reflect more systematic and overall, but also more dynamic. In the following page, we show the evolution of graphics and the effect of using them in detail.

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