The brand of Chicken Meal Replacement products



Healthy light food has become the lifestyle of young people nowadays. The advantage of high protein and low fat of chicken products is undoubtedly the first choice for fitness lovers and petty bourgeoisie white-collar workers. High fiber, low calorie, easy to satiate, can effectively control the amount of food and calories in food, and then achieve the purpose of weight loss. Diet replacement is a popular way to reduce weight in the world, which is bound to be another blue ocean market under the consumption boom.


Brand Identity | Space Design


We create a new image of the whole brand recognition, flat, very simplified design style, focusing on modern, young, texture, interesting, and clever combination of modern design language. It can be well applied in the environment of multimedia and Internet. Whether it is fonts or graphics, it should be recognized clearly. Avoid too complex font, put the recognition of the font in the first place, the distance, size can clearly identify the brand name.

Meal replacemnet &light food

Graphic design of icon design style

The evolution and application effect of graphics.


We have established a set of evolution and combination of visual forms. These different graphics have evolved from our logo. With our color and graphic style, our communication style is more systematic and holistic, and also more dynamic. In the following pages, we show the evolution of graphics and the use effect in detail.

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