Taco cabana

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Taco, whose Chinese name is taco, is one of the most important foods for residents in Mexico, especially in the central region. In the streets of Mexico, taco is everywhere, whether it is in the morning, late at night, or high-end restaurants, street vendors, as long as you want to eat, you will be able to find it.

Although it's just a small pancake, taco is a blend of local ingredients and various food cultures. There are countless collocations and eating methods. No matter how picky your taste buds are, there is always a taco that can satisfy you.


Brand Identity | Space Design


When enjoying, you can experience more delicious food than any other food in the world.


We extend the image of Taco graphically. The graphic logo is extremely simple and imitative. Semicircular arcs form a closed space, like a circular roof,fit taco house brand name to convey the message.

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