Personalized skincare customization

福瑞达医药集团—山东实力最强的医药大健康集团,大平台大整合打造善颜,福瑞达美肤定制 开启定制护肤鲜时代。


Freda Pharmaceutical Group, Shandong's strongest pharmaceutical health group, has a large platform and large integration to create a good face. Furida beauty customization opens the era of customized skin care and freshness.

In 2006, Freda Group officially registered the "Shanan" brand, aiming at "achieve the beauty of china". Over the past 13 years, Shanan has made use of advanced science and technology, skin files of 10000 users, and constantly updated product formulas to create solutions to different skin problems. Combined with the current AI intelligent system, it can diagnose skin immediately, find skin problems, quickly provide skin response solutions, and let you know your skin better.


Brand Identity | Space Design

13年来,善颜利用先进的科技技术,万级用户的肌肤档案,不断迭代升级的产品配 方,打造出了不同问题肌肤的应对方案。结合当下AI智能体系,做到诊断肌肤即刻 找到肌肤症结,快速提供肌肤应对方案,让你,更加懂得自己的肌肤。

Over the past 13 years, we have developed advanced skin formulation solutions to solve skin problems. Combined with the current AI intelligent system, it can diagnose the skin, find the crux of the skin immediately, and quickly provide skin response solutions, so that you can understand your skin better.

Simple and elegant design language


In the visual system, the logo is the core asset of the brand. We reconstruct and combine the first words of the brand English, and the serif body is simple and elegant, so as to create a new visual form and convey the core visual effect to the audience, which is in line with the brand concept.

Achieve the beauty of china


The brand recognition of baep is not only the use of logo, we have established a set of visual form evolution and combination, these different graphics are evolved from our logo, with our color and graphic style, let our communication style reflect more systematic and overall, but also more dynamic. In the following page, we show the evolution of graphics and the effect of using them in detail.